Thursday, March 25, 2010

Face Book - Electronic Dogging: Those of you who frequent the Message Board will be aware that MHB Paddy Campbell mentioned a couple of 'Motorheadbangers' face book sites. In turn, I posted a message saying that despite the title they were nothing to do with the fan club, and never will be.
Mrs. B made me aware (and wary) of Face Book quite some time back when a post by a work colleague was taken either too literally, or the wrong way, and a husband was out to find and beat seven colours out of said collegue for what was on screen about his wife.
I later posted here about hubby and wife frends, (who shall remain nameless), who not only spend most of their spare time answering the emails attached to the damned thing, but were also propositioned for threesome sex.
If I spent my spare time like that there would be no fanzine going out over the weekend, no stories written etc. I know we all choose what we want to do with our leisure time, but a headline in yesterday's Star said that STD's had increased remarkably; and Face Book was to blame. How they came to that conclusion I don't know, but it seems as if this frenzied media trend called Face Book is no more than cyber-dogging.