Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Motorheadbangers Fanzine 87: will be collected on Friday evening and mailed out over the weekend / very early AM on Monday morning.
Yes, there will be no less than two surprises for the Anniversaries within the envelope, although I'm not sure if we'll be getting a 35th anniversary gig at Hammersmith in the summer to celebrate, as nothing has been published as yet?
But as a fan club, I thought it would be nice to mark the 30 years of our being in existence - and indeed, are there any other rock fan clubs out there older than Motorheadbangers?
The wonderful thing about Motorhead is that they have never retired, and thus we haven't had to suffer any 'comeback' tours, simply because thery have never been away.
If you care to check You Tube, Lemmy's post screening debut of the Lemmy The Movie 'Question and Answer' session is on there, and Phil and Mikkey join him onstage with Wes and Greg - nice to watch. http://www.bravewords.com/news/134942