Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: To be honest, what with the Hollywood writers' strike a while back, and 'Lost' disappearing from our screens due to it, and now it's back again with the final series; I 'lost' interest ages ago. But it's back, and my son called me in to see the film trailer for 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,' which was shown in the ad break before 'Lost' started.
Like 'Prison Break,' 'Lost' has so many unbelieveable events happening in the plot that it annoys me. My son says 'It helps move things along, it's a film, don't worry about it.' But it would be unacceptable if I wrote fiction which such ridiculous things going on. Presumably it's due to this weird 'time-slip' affecting the island, but dead people, killed off ages ago, are appearing back in the plot alive and well again. Eight of the survivors went back to civilisation and were the centre of a media-storm, and now they're back on the island again, so what the f**k happened there???
'Prison Break' was just as stupid. The T-Bag character lost his hand, cut off at the wrist early on in the story. It was sewn back on and he was handcuffed to a radiator; so he pulled his arm away from the sewn-on wrist and escaped. In desperate circumstances, yes, it may happen - now he's got a prosthetic. Pennyless, T-Bag was later dumped in the middle of a desert and left to die at one point. A biker just happened to pick him up, and next scene, he's checking into a posh hotel. Where did the money come from? The Michael character and his brother, on the run permanently, always managed to have a charged cell phone, seemingly with millions of free minutes the way they use them. I appreciate some things are left unseen, (like going to the toilet), but even when they are in a hotel, their phones are still working; but how the Henry did they charge them? So we must assume they have a charger, somewhere, yet being 'on-the-run' they don't carry luggage. Ah, but of course, they steal a lot of cars, and the owner must have left the cigarette lighter charger there. Fool me! It must be what they call poetic license.
But I can assure you, after reading all three Stieg Larsson books, there will be no such monumental plot flaws in 'TGWTDTattoo,' or in the other two films which will follow.