Thursday, March 04, 2010

Waking The Dead: on Alibi last evening was a repeat from 2005, but I must have missed it before. The episode was titled 'Straw Dogs,' and the murderer killed his victims whilst he played Motorhead songs on a cassette machine.
It's a time of day when I start nodding, and Mrs. B had gone to bed, anyway, not feeling too good; so it was Sky plussed to watch another time.
The episode reflected back to serial killings in 1979 / 1980, where the murderer sent one of each of the victim's fingers to the police pickled in a jar. But someone had resurrected the killings present day, so the cold case team had to delve back to the original investigation.
And much to my delight, the victims were being murdered with 'Sweet Revenge' and 'Stone Dead Forever' aptly playing in the background. The songs, from the 'Bomber' album, nailed the era perfectly, and even though the flashback to the (then) young copper in charge of the case, had him saying they were "a bootleg tape of some band playing at Reading Festival;" yes, Motorhead played Reading Fest in '79, but they didn't play those tracks.
A smacked leg for the writer, who had one part right and the other part wrong.
Nevertheless it was GREAT hearing those songs on TV, and a treat that they are part of a crime thriller.
The murderer was a failed musician turned roadie, who grabbed victims when they tried getting backstage to see the band.