Monday, March 29, 2010

Have You Noticed: how ears get bigger the older we get? Some years ago now, this was pointed out on TV with Michael Hesseltine as the model; showing photos of him in his youth, and as he was at the time, and yes, definitely bigger with age.
Something on TV over the weekend prompted remembering this, during an interview with some old boy who looked as if he had a Jodrell Bank dish attached to either side of his head.
So I wondered, is this a phenomenon which happens to aid our ailing sense of hearing in our elder years, an ear trumpet of sorts, which our ripe-age expands and grows to assist in picking up sound?
Our bodies are wonderful, if flawed, pieces of machinery, and every time I think about the multitude of things which can and does go wrong with us, I think about a theme in Mick Farren's Victor Renquist vampire series of books, and also Hawkwind's 'Fable Of The Failed Race' song.
The Hawkwind lyrics are no more than about 4 lines of verse and tell us very little, but along with Farren's theory and the title of the Hawkwind song; are we indeed a failed and flawed race, created by aliens on some far-away galaxy, placed here as an experiment whilst those very same aliens improve upon our flaws to make a far better model?
Mick Farren's theories about that race using us to build the pyramids of Egypt, ziggurats of Mexico etc is quite captivating, thought-provoking, and are a joy to read. Recommend the whole quartet of books wholeheartedly.
'The Time Of Feasting.'
'More Than Mortal.'