Sunday, April 18, 2010

Practicing Victor Meldrew?: There have been quite a few letters of mine printed in the local Daily Echo lately (see website Scrapbook). There is no explanation for this other than the fact that I buy and enjoy reading our local newsaper every day. Sometimes, a news item sticks in my head, and I feel my opinion is valid and might not have been considered, so I write a quick letter.
That it goes any further to be published or not is up to the Letters Page Editor, who must think the view is worthy. Indeed, there have been one or two they didn't print, so it's not a case of just including letters to fill the double-page spread.
And I don't read the paper avidly looking for something to write about, like some literary Victor Meldrew; like I said, it just depends on what bubbles up from the broth of digesting the local news.
I am grateful for those they have deemed fit to print, and who knows when there will be another one?