Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taken The Guts Out: These days, with my Warfarin tablet disagreeing with some of the things I used to eat, certain foods and treats must be avoided, or else an horrendous migrane sets in. Mrs. B has benefitted by paying attention to her cholesterol intake, and it makes me wonder what happened to people before cholesterol and Warfarin and open heart surgery prevailed; and presumably, they were either very ill, or they died.
We know our world is changing, and our food has been altered by the manufacturers not by asking us, or taking a vote on whether they should or not; they just did it.
One foodstuff in particular which has changed far too drastically are Heinz Baked Beans. They were once the best of the best, with fantastic, thick, tasty juice and nice beans - but now? Now, they are tasteless, insipid, miserable looking things with thin, gutless juice which spreads across the plate and soaks into and ruins the chips.
Most families, after eating them, would spend the evening having a competition, because Heinz Baked Beans were also the best at generating wind power. Now, nothing. Windless, gutless and tasteless, and I am surprised they still sell.
But there is an answer - Branston Baked Beans.
Presumably, by the design of the logo on the can, they are made by the pickle company; and they are like a real baked bean should be - how Heinz Baked Beans used to be. And not only are they an absolute delight to eat, with the return of nice beans and thick, tasty sauce, and not that it matters too much, but the wind generation effect has also been included in the recipe.
Now I know the wind generation is an after-effect, and we are looking at how the beans behave on the plate and what they taste like. Branston are superb, and whilst, if you look hard enough, you can find the 'Original Heinz Baked Beans' up high on a supermarket shelf, Branston are brave and bold enough to be 'in-your-face' at the supermarket, almost with a badge saying "Go on, big boy, try me!"
It's great having 'the real thing' back, and I or one am pleased that Branston have been brave enough to walk where Heinz now fear to tread.
Let's enjoy our darned beans, if it cuts a year off of our lives, who gives a s**t!