Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Of The Old Codgers: Have you noticed every single one of the more famous TV detective's, with the exception, perhaps, of 'Magnum PI' and Bodie and Doyle in 'The Professionals,' all dressed much the same? Whether it's 'Columbo' or Dan Matthews in 'Highway Patrol' (remember him? Broderick Crawford was his real name), or 'Frost' or 'Poirot,' they all had one thing in common; their dress sense.
And yes, upholder's of law and order must look smart and wear a suit, as it's what the public expect. But it's not so much a stereotypical trait, but more for the fact that due to their job they dress accordingly, as they never know what weather they're going to encounter. But this is also one of those 'generation gap' observations, so here we go.
Brought up to wear a waterproof coat or jacket when it rains, now I see kids walking or cycling to school wearing just a shirt and / or a jumper. Apparently, due to the era they were born in, they were blessed with an invisible umbrella, or perhaps a 'Star Trek' force-field, as it seems they don't need to wear waterproof clothing, because somehow the rain doesn't land on them. This is absolutely amazing, and like all of those TV detectives who wear a Macintosh, I too wish I had been born within that generation, because as it is, I just get soaked! Perhaps their genes were crossed with those of the duck, causing any water to quite simply roll off of their clothes? Or perhaps Mum has found a new washing powder which has much the same effect? Oh, she has, and it's called a car, but we've been there before on the school run, haven't we!
And the thing is, they're dressed much the same when it's freezing cold outside, too. Again, they don't need an overcoat as they seem to possess this in-built heating system similar to a log burning stove; or perhaps 'Ready Brek' really does do what it says it'll do on the packet? Central heating for kids, indeed! More's the pity the elder generation, who in some instances cannot afford to adequately heat their homes, don't eat it for breakfast, so perhaps Gordon Brown's Winter Heating Allowance this year will be 24 boxes of 'Ready Brek'?
But I often wonder, are these youngster's as hard as nails, or are they just the first idiots of the year to get the 'flu and then pass it on to all the sensible people who dress according to the weather? "This is England," my old man used to say, "and the weather changes so quickly, you need to take your wardrobe with you!"
I used to scoff and think he was silly, but the older I get, the more his words seem to ring true.