Monday, October 12, 2009

The Only Ones Who Squint: Yes, I know, but we're not talking about the Punk era song 'Turning Japanese' by The Vapours, a song which was believed to euphemistically refer to the expression on a male's face when masturbating; which was strongly denied by songwriter, Dave Fenton.
No, we're talking more about the Mulder and Scully sort of squinting, but as far as I can remember, squinting hasn't been featured in an X-Files episode or film.
Now and again, when I get the opportunity to scan the 'Documentary' listings, there are titles like 'UFO Watch' or something similar, and I tend to have a look. Once again refering back to when we were born, the space-race was of immense interest as 'we were there' when the first astronaut orbitted the Earth, the first pictures of the Moon appeared on TV, and so on. So more by luck than judgement, and perhaps the 'Bournemouth Belle' not pulling out on time; we were born within a tremendously historic era; The Space Race.
Whilst today's youngsters mope around and are constantly gibbering about 'being bored,' my generation, well, me, anyway; bought a Daily Telegraph 'The Sky At Night' map, unfolded it across the roof of one of the garden's chicken houses, and spent hours scanning the heavens with a small telescope. So, other than on an evening when it was raining or clouded over, I / we could never 'get bored' watching this miracle of the heaven's above us, and unlike today's generation, if someone mentioned 'Mars,' 'Galaxy' or 'The Milky Way, we didn't immediately think of a chocolate bar!
But this 'UFO Watch' or whatever it was called caught my attention, and they were talking about the theory many of us have that we are 'A Failed Race' brought / dumped here by the alien beings who created us whilst they went on to create a better one; but without the numerous flaws we have, like our organs canabalising themselves, which we call cancer; hearts, kidneys and livers wearing out etc, and all the other illnesses and diseases which our otherwise excellently designed bodies tend to cope with.
And this chap was on the programme talking about the proof that we did originate elsewhere in the galaxy, because we are the only beings on Earth who squint in the Sun! And when you think about this, it is absolutely true. And he reckoned the reason why we squint is due to the fact that we originated, or were designed to cope with the dimmer light from the Sun on a planet much further away in the Solar System; or, indeed, in another Solar System in a Galaxy elsewhere; whereas all the other animals and wildlife on this planet, because they are the true natives, Do Not Squint at all.
Just think about it, the theory isn't quite as daft as it may first sound!