Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Truth, We're Ozone Hostile: Those graphic images on the News showing the polar ice caps melting might as well be film of an ice cream thawing out as far as the inhabitants of this planet are concerned.
We pay lip-service and nod our heads in all the right places, or so we think, but in all honesty, we don't give a fig.
Yes, we separate the tins, bottles and newspapers and walk the plastic bottles to the relevant skip provided; but it's not enough.
A few days ago, they told us our gas and leccy bills would be going up astranomically in the next ten years, as they need the revenue to spend more on making their products more ozone friendly. Worldwide industry either won't or are reluctant to cut back on emissions as this will cause (more) unemployment, but there are other steps the NIMBY's can take.
The 'School Run' is a complete joke, when will we stop wiping their bottoms and let them do something on their own? But if the Government banned the school run to help combat our constantly depleting ozone layer, parents would be up-in-arms: "Oh, but my child / children might get kidnapped and molested or murdered by a paedophile!" Not if there's a decent enough bus service, (which, by the way, there has been ever since they invented the bus); and anyway, most kids walk to school and spend their bus fare on cigarettes, just like we did in our day!
But there are numerous other ways to help save Planet Earth. Ban fireworks completely. Ban bonfires. Ban these 'log-burning-stoves' which have suddenly become trendy but cough out clouds of choking smoke anyway, and likewise their cousins, those horrible little chimenea things which have sprung up like mushrooms at every blasted garden centre in the UK! Jail people for life who deliberately set heath fires. And when we had the foot-and-mouth epidemic, was there really no other way to kill the virus other than burning the carcasses on a bed of coal?
And China may well be enjoying rapid industrial development, but their smog and pollution levels have caused 1,750,000 premature deaths; so they are not only the forerunners in mass self-genocide, but also in killing our planet faster than any other race. Forbes magazine went all the way in proving this point in 2006, by reporting that all ten of the most polluted cities in the world - are in China!
We are not doing enough as a planet.
And we are not thinking far enough ahead.
We are being too selfish, because our Governments like us to live and enjoy the dream they promised in their Manifesto. But in 150 years time our offspring will be spitting on our graves for being far too slow off the mark; and they will be right in doing so, and the guilt ought to be hurting us like a pinched shoe already.