Friday, July 03, 2009

Bloatermog Writing My Diatribe: A while back the 'Vanish' TV advert annoyed me. Jane bought some to brighten up the net curtains, (it still puzzles me how a white powder can "act like a magnet [Huh?] and digest stains"[Burp!]), after our lounge chimney breast / fireplace removal and subsequent redecoration. Much to my surprise, the woman in the pink trousers and T-shirt DID NOT appear to say how wonderful the stuff is, and give a demonstration as she does in the advert. Feeling cheated, a letter of complaint is now on its way to the manufacturers quoting their shortcomings of the trades descriptions act.
NB: 'Vanish' didn't bring the nets back to life, seems it can't digest concrete and brick dust; so lady-wife buying new pair.

As an X-Files fan, has anyone else noticed how the sound is extremely low during the transmission? Every evening I crank it up to 50% on the volume control just to hear what Mulder and Scully are saying, only to quickly drop it back when the ads are on, or get blown out of the seat.
Someone mentioned in the paper how the adverts ARE LOUDER than whatever programme we are watching, (probably so that we can still hear them whilst making that "commercial break cup of tea"?), yet the TV stations vehemently denied it.
Come and sit in my (fresly decorated lounge), you batards, for a demonstration!

And in mentioning the X-Files: Our eldest granddaughter, Lauren, and eldest grandson, Liam, have both been here on different occasions, and when asked if they "want to watch Mulder and Scully?" (which is what I usually call it rather than "the X-Files"); they looked at me with a blank expression, and asked "Who are they?" I even tried, with exasperation: "You know, 'The X-Files'?" and still the lighbulbs failed to turn on.
This is an immense problem with the youth of today, as they tend to watch dedicated TV channels; like 'Kids' or whatever, and NEVER watch a broad sweep of programmes so that they know, as we did as kids, (with only had 3 channels which had a good mixture on them), a little bit about everything.
Whilst I don't claim to be Mr. Brainy Head, and have immense failings on the Sporty side of things, I do know who Justin (aka Mr. Tumble) is, and we have the DVD box set (a 'must' for all grandparent's at the moment) for 'In The Night Garden,' and even the latest craze, Waybuloo, is within my horizon; so my knowledge is fairly broad.
So in the future, it seems 'The Weakest Link,' 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,' and other quiz programmes will cease to exist as the 'now' generation will be too thick to answer even the simplest and most basic General Knowledge questions.
Note: One young lady on a Re-Run of 'Classic Millionaire' used 3 lifelines getting to £500, fluffed the £1,000 question and went home with nothing; so it's starting already. For the "1,000, she didn't know "which 2 TV cops were played by David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser?"
But as they say, the questions are only difficult if ou don't know the answers.