Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Now We Will Be Asked: Where were you when Michael Jackson died? Well, out of all the JFK's, Elvis, John Lennon etcetera, the only one I can remeber where I was is Twin Towers or 9/11. But for MJ I can say "Having an knockout time at Champions new rock venue in Bournemouth watching the all-girl Ramones tribute band, The Ramonas - and they were are effing excellent!
Not worth me even trying to list their set because just about every 1-2-3-4 by The Ramones you loved was covered, and the crowd went away well pleased and sweaty after a great evening. And despite the fact some neanderthals may say "well, it's just the same song time after time with different lyrics," well, in that case you're the neanderthal and you have missed the point.
However, I can say it was a treat to see chicks playing in a band, and it makes a refreshing change - love our male rock / guitar idols as we do, as there is an unparallelled thrill to watching females play drums, guitar and bass; denim mini-skirts and fishnets notwithstanding, of course. And they included Motorhead's 'RAMONES' track in the set as well: Top Notch!
So that's where I was.
That's where WE were when MJ passed as not only did I go along with friends Cam and Barb, but lifelong Bro, Eric was there with his partner, Anna, chatting to the inimitable Dave Robinson, the man who owns Champions and The Bourne Beat hotel / rock venues; plus a respected work colleague and bass player from the past in Graham Dear was also there looking for dates for his latest band, Catalyst.
And from being the iffy rock star and the man everyone grew to hate more than love, I get home just past midnight, set the radio alarm and they're playing one of HIS records. When the alarm went off at 05:15 they were still playing HIS records. This is where it all becomes VERY effing annoying and exceedingly boring because all of a sudden he's cool once more. ME? I own one CD of his, a 3-tracker with the Slash / Eddie Van Halen / Steve Stevens tracks on it, and that's all I'll ever needed.
Oh, and before setting out for Champions the News told us Farrah Fawcett had died - but hers was rather ill-timed as she will be quickly forgotten beneath the shadow of 'Wacko Jacko' popping his clogs.
But at least they'll give the now relentless / tedious / crap Jordan and Peter front page tussle a rest. Was that really the best we could do for headlines? Will Katie Price turning lesbian really save her dive-bombing career?