Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bloatermog The Dust Has Settled (and been Dyson'd up): No, not Hoover'ed, but Dyson'ed, and now the fallout of concrete dust and soot from the lounge chimney breast and fireplace demolition has been removed, and the decorating finished, (almost), the carpet and seating are on order; Jane has just the curtains to consider.
The old lady, (well, she's 70 and 12 year's my elder, so does she still qualify as 'an old lady'?), who dinked the Escort is back from holiday and concerned, (she asked our daughter, Natalie, if it had been repaired?), that everything went well in her abscence?
It did.
But that's the whole reason why we do our best to avoid RTA's, isn' it; it's not the accident, it's the phone calls and backside kicking to get it sorted out, repaired, and back to its owner that is so annoying.
Seeing the 08 Mondeo courtesy car being driven away held with it a rather large sigh of relief, too, with the feeling akin to that, perhaps, of Louis Bleriot or Amy Johnson at the controls of a space shuttle whilst driving (piloting?) it; the vehicle was too much technology for this dude.
So now the pages have been turned on the recent history, and normality is settling around the place once more, and if you don't know already, Pilly at Devil's Jukebox has re-issued / re-pressed Motorhead's 'Leaving Here / White Line Fever' single with sleeves in the style of the Stiff/Sky Dog originals as single 7" singles, or a pack containing the whole set: