Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bloatermog Arse Pain! Having a cup of tea at our daughter's house last weekend, and the old gal next door reverses her car into ours. It was just parked outside at the roadside, innocently doing nothing at the time! Of course, her's has to be the butt of many a Jasper Carrott joke, doesn't it: a Skoda! She knocks the door to tell Neil, our son-in-law, who then relays the message, so we traipse outside to find there's headlamp glass on the road and the bumper has a minor crack in it; and she's very apologetic but says "I could have just driven off!" Our's is an 'N' reg Escort, and it's always a pain when your car gets a knock, but it is doubly annoying when you were not even sitting in it and are 100% blameless!
So they take it away for repair and bring an 08 reg thing which in comparison to the Escort is like one of the Wright brother's trying to fly Concord. Technology? It can almost tell me when I last ate fish and chips and where I bought them; but do I really need to know? Do I really care? I am a man of basic needs who detests mobile phone technology, has just about learned the absolute rudiments of the Internet; never mind having some high-tech vehicle thrust at him which has a dashboard like the Starship Enterprise!
The Insurance company tells me, quite rightly, that paying the 1st £100 has been waived and my No Claims etc will not be affected; blinking right it won't; I'm the innocent party here!
The old gal muttered on about how she's going away on holiday, she was tired, and that's how she "wasn't as alert as she should be!" Like I care? You've dinked my car, you old bat, and I just cannot afford to have it written off!
(To be continued...)