Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bloatermog The Death Of Quaint Old England: Why did smokers just roll over and accept the government's smoking ban which came into force on July 1st 2007? Where were the domonstrations against it? What happened to the rallying in Trafalgar Square to show the Government it wasn't on? Why was no one arrested whilst demonstrating? Why didn't anyone chain themselves to the railings in protest? The repurcussions from the Ban "just sailing through with no objection" has caused an average of 6 public houses a week to close down, plus the bingo halls and betting shops have also suffered and are now operating on-line.
The supermarkets aren't helping, either, with cases of cheaper-then-cheap booze on 'Special Offer' in-store and being advertised during the TV commercial breaks, so people are, quite rightly, staying at home where they can have a drink and a fag just like the old days; rather than standing outside a pub freezing their bits off when they want a drag.
And the breweries aren't complaining, are they? With people drinking at home and the pub's closing, and often being demolished as a result, the breweries are selling as much or more beer via the supermarkets and off-licenses, yet their overheads of rent / rates / running costs / wages for running those pub's has gone, so they don't care because they're making more money. All they need to do now is brew the beer and sell it to the supermarket chains, we do the rest!
But the trouble is, those old and quaint pub's which attracted a huge amount of tourism, will soon be gone; and even the bigger town and city pub's will be missed, too. Where will we to go to have a game of darts or pool? Where will we go when we've had words with the Mrs and storm out the front door? The pub's not there now to drown our sorrows, so with the drinking and smoking taking place at home, we'll just have to put up with the wife's company whilst mulling over the disagreement with a beer and a fag sitting with her in the front room!
The Social Structure of England, and the UK in general is becoming unglued with that ban which the non-smoking fraternity though was their Ace in the pack. But now we have the reality of it, even non-smoker's say they miss the fag smoke as it "was all part and parcel of the atmosphere of a pub!"
The Working Men's Club, Royal British Legion's, ex-Servicemen's Clubs; EVERY hostelry which has been there selling booze for decades is suffering, and will disappear; and that quaintness will be filled by ugly modern buildings in the countryside, and even uglier apartment blocks in the towns and cities.
RIP having a quiet pint and a fag in a Bristish Pub!

Just remember that joke:-
A wife arrives home from the doctor's.
Husband is sitting in the armchair with a can of lager and a fag on the go.
"The doctor said he thought my bust was wonderful for a forty year-old," she said, proudly.
"Oh yeah?" asked the old man with a snort of disdain "and what did he think of yer forty year-old c**t?"
She smiled "Oh, he didn't ask after you!"