Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bloatermog Bugs Won't Go: Winter seems to be dragging miserably onward for everyone, colds from last November keep returning for an encore, and we never seem to be able to shake them off completely.
This is also the worst month of the year for depression, not only are there the above bugs to contend with, but the weather is cold, bleak, and damp, has only just risen above freezing point, and has the longest, (almost 6 weeks!), gap between pay days.
So it is no wonder we are feeling cheesed off, but tonight I will be tuning in again to Express FM to hear yet another author interview with host, Rob Richardson http://www.expressfm.com/
The 'When Upton Had Trains' book brought with it, as the village's now favourite scribe and bard, the necessity to join and be voted in as Secretary with the 'Friends For Upton Library.' The 'Friends' are dedicated to generating focal points which will raise the awareness of the library to the general public, thus generating more members, leading to a larger turnover of books; and those errant hours reinstated.
Perhaps your library is suffering in the same way? Upton has had 11 hours chopped off its opening times, (with the librarian's also suffering an 11 hours a week pay cut!), as it is not being used as often as it should. Other come-hither and time consuming attractions like surfing the Internet, Play Station, X-Box Live, DVD and game rental, a myriad of TV stations, and cheap books on Amazon and EBay have either stopped people reading; or they are buying their own in prefernce to borrowing. Thus, the libraries are being neglected, so alternative come-hither attractions are essential.
The committee voted for my input in the form of a talk about how the 'When Upton Had Trains' book developed from humourous poetry and youthful anecdotes in a local community magazine to fully-fledged publication, and as Secretary, I must also (or if you like modern-day buzz words, I have been TASKED to) find other (far more famous and renowned) local authors to talk about their publications, and this is in hand.
If you haven't visited your library lately, please do so, they may also be struggling; the other seemingly far more attractive delights in the sweetshop of electronic amusement may well see our libraries rendered extinct if we don't do something to help.