Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bloatermog Quite A Thrill: Long time MHB's will know that I had a few novels published in the early Noughties which by and large, (and thoroughly undeservedly), sank without a trace. The difference with the 'When Upton Had Trains' book is that it was published by 'a proper real live local publisher' who was motivated enough to organise 2 local 'Book Launches' to get it noticed, and also had the contacts, knowledge and clout to get it into the local retail shops.
Rather like some of Jeremy Clarkson's books began as editorial columns in motoring magazines, 'Trains' started out as a collection of short poems and 800 word essays written for a local community magazine, and just took off from there.
It was an immense thrill, and I made attemps at avoiding it as I felt a bit silly doing so, going into WH Smiths in Poole High Street to see it on the shelves rubbing shoulders with several dozen other 'Local Interest' books. Brother, Robert, had already taken a photo of it in this location when he travelled down to the Upton Library book launch, but seeing it in real-time had a mysterious, added bonus about it, but don't ask me what it was? Pride, perhaps?
But it is there.
It is also proudly displayed in the newsagents and other local shops around Upton and neighbouring Lytchett Minster.
It was fun doing it, a surprise at it's 'Local' success; and of course, there will be another one.

A Very Merry Clitoris and Happy New Beer to everyone.