Thursday, May 22, 2008

Motorblog Michelle Meldrum Has Died: Michelle Meldrum, guitarist and leader of her band, Meldrum, died of a cerebral / brain hemorrhage in a Los Angeles hospital on May 21st; age 39.
Meldrum were Motorhead's special guests on the Scandinavian leg of their 2004 Inferno Tour. Lemmy co-wrote and provided vocals for the 'Miss Me When I'm Gone' track, which was featured on Meldrum's 'Blowin' Up The Machine' album, released just a year ago, and on a couple of occasions joined them onstage to sing and play it.
Ex-Motorhead Brian 'Robbo' Robertson was guest guitarist on the 'Attakapa' track on Meldrum's first album, 'Loaded Mental Cannon.'
Meldrum were completing a new album in LA when Michelle was rushed to hospital after falling into a coma on May 19th. The album will be released as a tribute at a later date.