Sunday, May 04, 2008

Motorblog 'Sheep' Gets An On-Line Review: click Latest Reviews.
Why does no one like The Sweet Zeros version of '1916'? The brief was "to provide a radically different version of any Motorhead song and/or a version with a female vocalist;" the Zero's did exactly as the spec asked of them, so why the negativity? This is not the first time the track has had the thumbs down and I can't see it? It's a punked-up version of the solemn original with a chick singing it and due reverence is paid with the last verse. Appreciate the review from MHB Stuart A Hamilton as on the whole it's very positive, but can he or anyone explain how '1916' could be covered any differently? I thought it was very cleverly done myself, and I think it may have even caused a wry smile on Lemmy's face, he whom enjoys all things F>A>S>T.

Contrary to Stuart's assumption, copies ARE still available via