Saturday, April 26, 2008

Motorblog 'Rock Of Ages' - Sarmad will be uploading the local feature from the Bournemouth Daily Echo 'Weekender' supplement regarding the 'Sheep In Wolves' Clothing' CD release over the next day or so. Strangely, there have been no paparazzi milling around the front gate or scanty female undergarments with telephone numbers written on them left on the front doorstep since publication!
My thanks to Nick Churchill and Patrick Gough at The Daily Echo for the local publicity.

Regarding the April 18th post, Philthy Animal Taylor has sought Legal advice regarding this web posting. Willing as anyone to share a joke, Phil finds the slur far too personal and vindictive to allow it just to pass, and is asking for it to be removed from the Internet and an apology posted.