Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bloatermog Funerals For A Friend and A Relation: Despite the obvious asset of meeting family and friends and catching up on long-promised connections, funerals are never a favourite; and attending two on the same day a rare exception.
With my Uncle Len's taking place at 11 am and local band DNA frontman, Andy's taking place at Noon, it was impossible to go to both. So with understanding from the DNA friends and relations camp, we attended Uncle Len's service and interment in full, and Andy's wake, which took place on the both famous and infamous Poole Quay.
For Uncle Len, it was that chance to meet member's of the family both we and they promised would happen sooner rather than later the last time we met, but with the speed of life as it is these days, none seem to keep those dates - until the next wedding, christening, or more likely as the older we get, the next funeral. But connections are made again and let's hope we are able to keep some of those promises this time.
In the afternoon, friends of Andy's told us of the 100's of people attending his Woodland Burial, with most also attending the Wake at The Lord Nelson pub on Poole Quay; which was packed both inside and out. Musician friends of Andy's had brought instruments and set up the stage and, along with DNA band members Gavin, Dave and Bob, various collaborations took the stage to play, sing and jam just as he would have wanted.
We would have preferred things were different with our attendance at these events being in some figment of our imagination or a parallel world somewhere else, but our lives, and the ending of them is inevitable and none can escape; so let's not forget, and keep in touch with those who are still here, whilst they ARE still here.