Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bloatermog DNA Singer / Guitarist Dies Suddenly: Andy, lead singer and guitarist with one of my local bands, DNA, passed away on May 3rd aged only 45; the cause is as yet unknown.
Going to see the band via the friendship of lead guitarist, Bob Newiss, whom I met working at a local factory some years ago, DNA played a great, crowd pleasing blend of rock and punk which brought them a well-packed venue wherever they played.
Like so many of us, Andy lived for his music, and I spent an entertaining afternoon with him, and also met his wife and early teenage family, at the Poole Park August Bank Holiday live event put on by the local Mr. Kyps venue, in 2006.
Andy was the driving force behind the band, and it seems out of respect for him they are not carrying on. Their website has been on my Links page for some years now, and will remain so in his memory. http://www.dnalive.co.uk

Coupled with this, my Uncle Len passed away peacefully on Friday May 2nd.