Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bloatermog Laughed 'til I Cried: Watched 2 hours of comedian, Lee Evans, last evening, (well, with this Blog being on the West Coast of America, it's time-travelling again as according to the post time, I'm still watching it), and ended up almost rolling around the floor.
Interviewed for the first hour by Phil Jupitus, (whom, comedically, isn't even a spot on Lee's ass), with clips from Lee's live shows, the onstage alter-ego was more than apparent; a quiet, shy man offstage, but a complete loony once he's treading the boards.
Friend, Cameron, loaned me a DVD of Lee's a couple of year's back, and I was as much in tears with that as last evening's (now, USA time) show, which was titled 'Live In Scotland,' which took up the second hour.
The key to Lee Evans' success is his ability to see the funny side of everything we do, and he picks exactly those things, which we can relate to, and find funny. Like how we step onto a moving stairway, what it's like bump-starting the car with the wife in the driving seat; and just by the way he walks on occasion, makes everyone laugh.
At Christmas, comedy was 'old school,' like 'Open All Hours,' 'The Vicar Of Dibley' and so on, and my comment at the time was "Are there no modern-day commedians who can make us laugh?" Well, for me, Lee Evans fits the bill spot on the nail, and I suppose there are some who'd say I was getting too old for modern day comedy, which may be true, but there again, isn't the essence of life being able to laugh at ourselves? Some of the 'modern day' stuff doesn't do that, well, not for me, anyway, so maybe I'm odd, or normal?