Monday, January 28, 2008

Motorblog Sheep In Wolves' Clothing (Part 16): The time is drawing close for the tracks by the contributor's to this Fan Club CD project to be completed.
Mad Dog's 'Capricorn' and Alan Davey's Gunslinger's 'Stay Clean' are here, with The Deviant's 'Lost Johnny' and The Underbelly's 'Back At The Funny Farm' on their way, and Spirit's Burning's 'Ace Of Spades,' The Sweet Zero's '1916,' Lissy Abrahams' 'Damage Case,' Annie's 'Orgasmatron,' Girlschool with Fast Eddie Clarke's 'Metropolis' and Sonja Kristina's 'I Don't Believe A Word' are having the finishing touches added.
This is going to be quite some CD and collector's piece.