Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Motorblog World Without End?: It must be increasingly difficult for the News media these days with the CO2 pollution problems. On the one hand, BBC News' science correspondant, Laurie McGinty, is almost continually on-screen reporting on the melting ice caps and the general fug we are polluting the air we rely on to live. On the very next feature, they show the US Elections with the entourage of cars and coaches only adding to the problem. It's a bit like the 'Clever-Dumb-Balance' on that credit card ad.
Likewise, on our 'Meridian Tonight' regional programme here in the South of England, they ran a feature asking us to think twice about taking that holiday abroad, as airplanes are one of the biggest causes of pollution and we'd be doing the environment a huge favour if we didn't fly off to the sun, sea and sand, but stayed here in the cold, rain and frost instead.
The programmes' male host 'disappears' from time to time and returns with a lovely sun tan. So I emailed to say their two features were the pot calling the kettle black, (the Clever-Dumb-Balance again), and said presenter should make a stand by shredding, (not burning - as it would add to the pollution!), his Passport live on-air and promise he would uphold the relevant feature and not fly away for a tan-top-up in the future.
My email received the reply: 'Thank you for your comments, which have been noted.'
They really don't give a toss, do they!
They're paying lip-service and taking their pay at the end of each month just like everyone else.