Sunday, December 23, 2007

Motorblog A year ago and just back from the op, Christmas didn't really happen as lungs and ribcage had yet to fully recover, so it passed by, largely unnoticed.
This year will be first in the ensuing but essential sobriety, and as a consequence, a strange one.
Without the 'off the shelf' habits, life changed, and now has more clarity, but the sharper wit brought casualties.
Those casualties have been absent for 9 months, brought about, largely, by the sharper wit; and blunted patience, also by a lack of understanding.
Within this sobriety, which must be lived through, like it or not, there should have been more understanding by those surrounding this rock of changes amidst an ocean of the unchanged. There are now 5 little fish within that ocean, and one we have yet to glimpse within the waves. And yes, whilst a little eccentricity and craziness might seemingly be prevalent these days in comparison to those passed, is this not better allowed for than having no one to allow for at all?