Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Motorblog "I Went Down To The Crossroads": The wonderful Sarmad added Lemmy's 'The Head Cat' venture My Space site to the Links on this one. If you go to the Main Page, Click 'Miscellaneous' then 'Links' you can scroll down to find it. There's a live version of The Head Cat playing a cover of Cream's 'Crossroads,' which is knockout!

Keep It Together: the Pink Fairies / Deviants book mentioned a couple days ago: Enjoying this as and when reading time permits. Astounding to learn in the early chapters that Russell Hunter was brought up here in Upton, Poole, Dorset and that we both attended two out of the three local schools.
Russell finally went on to Wimborne Grammar, whilst I deliberately failed my 11+ to avoid going there, enabling me to attend Lytchett Minster Secondary Modern. The latter is about a mile away, whereas Wimborne Grammar was and is about 5 miles, on a coach. Back then, I suffered travel sickness very badly, and even the 3 mile trip to Poole on the bus would see me vomiting; so, by scuppering my chances of going to Grammar school I therefore avoided throwing up over everyone on the school coach every morning. I did, eventually, manage to grow out of the travel sickness, initially, by sitting in a front seat where the scene outside came towards me. I found the flickering motion in side and back seats caused by everything flashing past, brought on the sickness.
So if you, or anyone you know suffers, get them to sit in a front seat.
Travel sickness doesn't seem quite so common these days, both our kids were driven around literally from the moment they were born, so they got used to it right from the start. But in my youth, few people owned cars, and a bus ride was once every so often. The funny thing is, though, I didn't suffer travel sickness on trains; so maybe that flickering motion from the side didn't affect me as it didn't flicker quite so much, as on a train, the scenery is further away?