Saturday, December 08, 2007

Motorblog 'Keep It Together' Book Launch Party: This event has been on the Main Page for a few weeks, and attendance, for me, was a must, not only to represent Motorheadbangers, but also to actually meet author, Rich Deakin, whom I had only known as both an MHB and an email friend for some years.
And it was Rich who approached me at The Inn On The Green pub/venue on Portobello Green in London, as I have my likeness on this website, but he doesn't on his, so I didn't have a clue what he looked like? Also, after hundreds, if not thousands of hours put into a book such as this, my attendance was also out of both the huge respect and knowledge that the hard work had been done, and this, the launch / signing, was one of, if not THE most glorious bits; Rich Deakin's Finest Hour!
But this was to be something of a 'Lightning Raid' for me. Acts, artistes and Pink FA, a Pink Fairies tribute band, (with Blacken, MHB 999 on bass, and Hawkwind's Terry Ollis as one of the two drummers), were also going to be doing their thing, but with my Wedding Anniversary the day after, I had to be back home and ready for those 'celebrations,' so the full menu could not be enjoyed on this occasion.
And the party / launch was a good and enjoyable 'do,' the MC5's manager, John Sinclair, read Mick Farren's introduction to the book just before we were treated to Kalki Hula Girl, (who is an attractive young woman wearing black French-style underwear whilst whirling 'Hula-Hoops' around her limbs and torso quite extraordinarily!), then Slim Tim Slide, (who was in fact, one-time Uncle Harry's City Kids fanzine-ist, Tim Rundall, another good guy whom, once again, I've known for many years from afar, but finally met that evening), and photos of both, (if they indeed come out OK, it was uncannily dark in there!) may well be forthcoming in Issue 81 of our fanzine in April.
The book, of course, is a 'must' for every MHB, as the Pink Fairies / Deviants AND Motorhead (amongst many more) emerged from that once-amazing and unique Ladbroke Grove scene, and their stories, naturally, inter-connect, so rather than relate anything further about the party / launch, (as more will be revealed in a full report in said April fanzine), I can only recommend Rich's fabulous book, which is available from the Publisher, Headpress, at or and it will make a magnificent Xmas pressie!

There will also be a similar party / launch for the book in LA early next year, when Mick Farren will be in attendance and, you never know, even Lemmy might be going along?

The book is already on (by searching 'Books' and 'Rich Deakin') so American MHB's should be able to get their copy soon, as the publication date is again for early for next year.