Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Motorblog Sheep In Wolves Clothing (Part 17): The tracks are gradually coming in, and without making your mouths water too far in advance, they are everything I expected of them - Radically Different Motorhead Songs!
Tim Way, who started the ball rolling with Mad Dogs and 'Capricorn,' is also helping out with the studio and mastering side of the project, which I very much appreciate. Tim's partner-in-crime, Steve Shepherd, (aka Mad Dog himself), being a graphic designer, is putting his talents to coming up with some sleeve art. This is absolutely excellent, because whilst the many have said "Great album title," trying to illustrate it simply beggar's belief as far as I'm concerned, (there aren't many wolves around here wearing sheepskin coats who are keen to have their photo on a CD insert!), but I feel sure Steve will surprise us with his talent.