Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Motorblog Rock Star Mortality: Our good friend and fellow Motorheadbanger from New Zealand, Vitus McD, found this on the Internet where they believe being a 'Pop Star' leads to pushing up daisies far earlier than if the very same person had not stumbled across such an ill-gotten career and had worked in an office or factory instead. (It seems like the author is a bad karoake singer with a chip on their shoulder after being kicked off the 1st Round of 'X-Factor'!)
So have they not studied the cases of Lemmy Kilmister, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, John Mayall, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce or Ginger Baker? And the list goes on and on proving their theory is nothing more than so much bullshit!
Obviously someone did not do their homework before putting pen to paper, never mind actually printing this embarrassing piece of journalism!
(You will be standing outside the Headmaster's door at 9am tomorrow morning without any books stuffed down the backside of your trousers!)
Every one of the above musicians has spent their entire life in the music business, and every one of them is well over 60 years of age, and in one or two cases, over 70!
So where's the logic?
Who did they use to illustrate this groundbreaking new theory?
Kurt Cobain?
That was suicide! Or was it?
Elvis Presley?
Elvis Lives - Uh-Huh!
Who else is there young and of any significance as a 'Pop Star' who has died?
To be honest, if the office or factory career versus being a 'Famous Pop Star' were offered to any of us, even the person who originated and wrote this article, I know which option every darned one of us would have taken!
Office and factory workers get their name in the local rag and that's it.
Famous Rock and Pop Stars get the National News Headlines and their name lives on far beyond the prescribed three-score-years-and-ten.
And this is why, given the talent and the opprtunity, WE WOULD ALL TAKE THE ROCK STAR OPTION!