Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Motorblog Buzzwords My Ass: They're ramming another new word down our throats lately - 'footprint.' I first heard it at work about 10 years ago, where the 'footprint' for my job was the area I needed to carry out the work in. Now, or according to the TV ads the 'carbon footprint' is with us, and it seems to relate to how much CO2 we're putting into the environment from within our own homes, our very own FOOTPRINT. Much of it appears to relate to leaving our TV, DVD player, video machine etc, in Stand By mode, which, they say, adds carbon dioxide to the ozone, and hence, a hotter climate.
But it's not only the carbon footprint and the ozone we should worry about, it's our electricity bill. Far more important as it's money spent on energy doing nothing other than having those pieces of machinery 'ticking over' and sending the bill through the roof! And it's not only those items permanently burning electricity you need think about, have you noticed how the leccy bill has increased since you've had Broadband? Yep, leaving your Broadband on 'tickover' whilst you're asleep and at work is also sending your bill sky high.
When you think about it, at home, you're on the Net maybe for a couple hours a day, so it's ON for the other Twenty-Two!
Doing Nothing but costing YOU money!
We also have, well, here in the UK, anyway, to pay more for our 'Road Tax' if our vehicles are in the higher cc bracket, and over the last 2 years my Road Tax has increased by £10, (the 'Gas Guzzlers, or 'Jeeps,' have increased even more!), to pay for our 'increased carbon emissions.
We've paid it.
And we paid it because if we didn't they won't give us the Road Tax disc to place inside the vehicle to allow us on the road.
So what have the Government done with this 'extra' money?
Have they used it to clean the piece of the Ozone we 'high-end users' (to use another 'Buzz Word') made 'dirty' with our larger cc engines?
Have they fuck!
It was just another con and we fell for it yet again!
Well, in truth we didn't fall for it, we were told we had to pay it and had no option but to do so.
And we're living in a democracy?