Monday, January 14, 2013

It Defies My Logic

My wife wasn't well yesterday and spent most of the day in bed. So I forced myself to watch TV. Moaning on about the crap programmes on offer will do no good. 'Extreme Trains' on the Documentary channel looked interesting, and was.
During the commercial breaks an ad which has puzzled me for some time was repeated several times. It was for the 'Save The Children' charity. It stated the "22,000 children die every day - 1 every 4 seconds."
Now, who inters these poor souls, and where is the cemetery, because 22,000 multiplied by 365 days in a year is a massive amount of children, a massive amount of gravediggers needed to bury them, and a huge cemetery - somewhere.
Agreed, the best thing would be reliable birth control so that there are not so many of  these souls who have contaminated water to drink and very little food, but can you see my point?
The death toll must be equal or above the 57 million worldwide who perished during the whole of World War II.