Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fanzine #95

It's that time of year again. No, not Xmas, before that you get your December issue of the Motorheadbangers fanzine. Far more important.
Now, I know that some had their Mr Cameron doll to stick needles into due to the recession not allowing them their annual hit of High Volume Rock 'n' Roll courtesy of Motorhead's November tour, but he will be punished in due course. Meanwhile, 'The World Is Yours Volume 2' can be purchased and enjoyed at a far lower price than a night out at a Motorhead gig with your mates, and is a great substitute.
But for those of you who did get in a gig or three, I need your reviews, please, of the gigs on the tour, TWIY Volume 2, or pretty much anything Motorheadingly interesting to your fellow fans, as once again, we were very short of reading material for the new issue. This has been remedied, of course, and there are tales which might never have otherwise been told included for your amusement and pleasure.
If your subscription has lapsed, be sure to sign up again over the weekend to get your copy hot-off-the-press, as they are being posted on Monday 3rd December.