Monday, December 03, 2012

Winging Its Way To You.

Fanzine #95 went in the postbox at 06.30 AM or thereabouts on a chilly and damp Dorset morning. I had feared a frost, but luck was with me and no car de-icing was needed. So off I went on the 11 mile round trip to get those fanzines through your letterboxes as close to the beginning of December as possible. (Nice to avoid the Xmas madness the postmen have to endure every year.)
The fanzines were printed by a different print shop for the first time in almost 30 years, as the usual press was swallowed up in a buy-out/takeover. But they took some of the staff with them, so things look much the same as usual. The only difference is - the fragrance.
The last few editions have been digitally printed, so they tend not to have the smell of ink about them. Our son, Steve, (he went to Motorhead gigs at West Runton and Bingley inside his mother in 1980), always arrived home from school and later work to know the fanzines were here, as he could smell the ink. He did so with #95, as our home was enriched with that not unpleasant odour.
I love smelling new books. Whenever I buy a new hard or paperback, wife Jane always says "Why do you have to smell the darned things?"
"Because the print smells nice," I reply.
And it is nice, well, I think so anyway.
So enjoy your new fanzine when it drops through your letterbox, it smells great!