Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Motorhead 'The World Is Ours Volume 2'

Yes, it is released today 24th September 2012, and my copy dropped through the letterbox from Amazon right on time. The TV speakers are now hanging out on their wires having given up any battle against VOLUME, and waved a white flag in defeat.
Once again though, our fan club fanzine for December is looking very sparse as far as the written word goes. Fair play, we enjoyed some European festival reviews in the August issue, but our American membership has yet to step up to the plate for reviews of the month-long June tour with Anthrax and 10 other bands.
So, if any MHB's anywhere would like to send in a review of the above New Release, or indeed anything else which you would like to share, then I will be most grateful.
These can be sent by snail-mail or email (there's the envelope logo on www.alanburridge.co.uk next to the Facebook and Twitter logos) via the Main Page, and I will be most grateful.