Thursday, September 06, 2012

My First For September

But I have not been idle, far from it, and working on another Motorhead book, hence the silence. At my happiest when involved with books, 'Live To Win' has been quite time-consuming, too. Give them their due, Cleopatra have blitzed the American rock internet press with news of its publication, and the UK rock press will follow.
This is one review from Seattle -
-and it's refreshing to know from what he says that he has actually read the book before reviewing it. And yes, he does mention the price of the book, and in America it does cost far less than here. But as I explained, as it has been published in America, it is an import for everyone else, so we have to pay the import price.
But it is worth it, as you will find out when you hold, look at, and flick through the pages of yours when you get it.