Sunday, August 26, 2012

Live To Win Book (Again)

Big discusion going on on regarding the difference in price for the USA price for the book and the UK. Well, the book was produced by Cleopatra Records in LA, so lucky old America is getting it at the price which lucky old UK could have enjoyed, (several UK publishers were approached, but they didn't want to know), if a UK publisher had taken it up. But if one had, then America would be importing it, and they would be paying the higher price, which they have on many of the Motorhead record releases in the past, so now it's their turn to enjoy a ray of sunshine.
Virgin Record shops were famous in their day for import American albums which you couldn't get in the UK. But they were more expensive. This is an American book which you couldn't otherwise get in the UK. It costs money to send the books from the USA to the UK, and a book weighing 3lbs ain't cheap. Indeed, if you want to send one from the UK TO America, it costs over £20 per copy.
So the math is, (1) price of the book in America, + (2) shipping to the UK, (around £8 per book in bulk), + (3) profit margin for the importer and Amazon (no one does something for nothing) = price, which is (on Amazon) £49-99 (+ postage). [It's been discounted to around £46 already]
More than I thought it would be. Sorry.
But it isn't a cheapskate load of rubbish, it's a high quality luxury book which every fan will be VERY proud to own, and yes, you will regret it when as they are saying on imotorhead, they are triple that price as collector's items.
Yes, money is tight around the globe, but 'Live To Win' is worth every penny, and will make you smile your biggest smile ever when you actually see, hold, and touch one.
And when have I ever let you down?
The BEST £50 you will EVER spend!

A BAD price is that crummy 'The Early Years Box Set' for £257 which Lemmy warned us about.

'Live to Win' is Official, and all BRAND NEW, including never-before-published 1975 photos of the Lemmy-Larry-Lucas line-up playing live on stage.

Your Money and Your Choice, though...