Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take One Step Back: Such a pity that the general public know so little about Multiple Sclerosis. They think that they can catch it, where in fact it is just like cancer, in us already, and may or may not decide to come out to play.
Yesterday, at the appointment with my consultant, we agreed that as the condition didn't appear to have worsened since our last meeting, we would put things on hold.
The alternative would have been tests during which my blood may have coagulated resulting in a stroke, and neither he nor I wanted to agree to such a terrifying option.
The MRI scanner has proven to be the quintessential piece of equipment for a multitude of ailments, including MS; unless you have a Pacemaker. Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanners do not like Pacemakers, so those fitted with them have to endure the archaic Lumber Puncture; a name which in itself turns hair grey.
Once the only way of testing for MS, the Lumber Puncture is also a nightmare for those taking Warfarin, which the patient must reduce to nil for the tests, bringing the fear of a stroke into the picture due to blood coagulation.
So, the future is bright but not orange, and we can only hope that after the 1989 dice with MS which burned itself out, that I ride the same luck this time.