Saturday, February 11, 2012

Put My Money Where My Mouth Is: In 2010, Mrs. B decided that she would like a Kindle. But I felt reluctant, she only read books when we were on holiday, so I fought it off, as I thought that the Kindle would be an expensive 5-minute-wonder.
But this time last year she was off work for a month with an illness, so as I didn't want her to call me a tight old b'stard, I bought her the Kindle; and it cost just over £100. It took 6 months to pay it off on the credit card, but what the hell! (Now, they have one for £89, but that's life).
She loved it from day one, and reads far more than ever before. Indeed, I have downloaded a couple of books myself, and typically, like brother and sister, man and wife are no different, and we squabbled over who should be using it.
There was a book today that I wanted to download and read. Not only bearing in mind the squabbling, I also have the advice on the Main Page of that you don't need a Kindle to read download books, so I thought that I would download the FREE Apps which Amazon have on offer, and read it here on my PC.
Downloading the Apps?
A piece of cake.
It took less than 2 minutes.
Downloading the book took even less, and Wow! all of Mrs. B's books are there in my Library now as well! Knockout!
Now, I have a "Kindle" icon on my Desk Top, and this FREE Kindle is mine.
The Kindle App provides a very Easy-On-The-Eye screen from which to read, and no, it isn't like curling up on the sofa or in an armchair with a "Real" book, but I think "Real" and download books can go hand-in-hand, and we can enjoy the benefits of both.
So there you go, download your FREE App from Amazon to your PC, Laptop, or any other portable devices with an "i" in them, or your Blackberry or Android unit, and read wherever you fancy.
Brilliant, technology, isn't it.