Monday, February 20, 2012

Richard Burridge RIP: Mrs. B and I went to Bournemouth crematorium for my cousin's funeral. The short service began, quite aptly for Rocking Rich, with Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life,' and ended with Simple Minds '(Don't You) Forget About Me.'
We went to our first rock concert together, The Small Faces, at The Gaumont, Bournemouth, and many more over the years. Once, we caught the wrong bus after the show, missed the last one back to Upton, and were brought home by the police in a black mariah; not because we were unruly, but as a favour to get us home safely. A nice gesture.
The Wake took place at the Hamworthy Club, on Magna Road, near Bear Cross, Poole.
As ever at such solemn events, this was a meeting of the Burridge clan, also that of his wife, Chrissie and her family. There were a lot of great people whom we met and talked to, new friendships found to some degree, too. And most of them, like Richard and I, loved their music, usually of the rocky / heavy variety, of course.
With the drinks, the buffet, and everyone mixing and mingling, the event moved from that solemnity of the occasion to one of joyful rembrance of times and events spent with Richard; and also the re-forging of the old, and the forging of the new friendships gained.
We will miss him, and he will find his heaven in our hearts.