Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fanzine #91 Arriving: The Post Offices here in the UK, and in Europe, have done their bit by delivering most of the fanzines yesterday.
The 'Rest of the World' (Planet) will take a few days longer, but the mail still travels pretty fast.
Being the Wurzel Tribute issue, it was kind of rock photographer, George Chin, to offer the front cover shot as his tribute. The photo on page 2 was taken the first time I met Wurzel, Phil Campbell, and Pete Gill; when they were rehearsing and writing for their 'No Remorse' album, and 'May-hem-day' Hammersmith Odeon vinyl and live debuts.

Internet problems / repairs / work (?) in this area of Bournemouth has meant I haven't posted much on here this week. But also, with Mrs B and our son on a weeks holiday, I am having a bit of a break, too.