Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time Moving Fast: The fanzine is being printed, the envelopes are written, the stamps are attached. It will be collected on Friday and in the mailbox on Monday or Tuesday, and with you by the end of next week.
A 'proof' of the 'Live To Win' book was FedEx'd over from LA and received today.
It looks great!
But the proof is of how it was going to be. Now, publishers, Cleopatra, have decided to add a further 20 pages, (which will include an epitaph to Wurzel), and some previously unpublished photos, to make it the best Motorhead book ever!
Hardbacked, with lashings of colour on every page, I think they are going to be right.

This 'Live In Old New York' CD/LP has now appeared on amazon.co.uk for a very silly price; just as silly as on amazon.de in fact. Both sites agree on the release date of 9th August, though.