Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rodney Legg: Part of my job as the secretary for the Friends 4 Upton Library is booking Author Talks.
This was my review of his Talk for us.
Rodney Legg – July 30th 2009.
Rodney Legg’s name goes very much hand-in-hand with the dozens of books he has written and illustrated with rare photographs, not only about the towns and villages of Dorset, but also the nooks and crannies of tucked away places most of us have never seen. There is not a bookshop in this County where his books cannot be found, such is his legendary status.
A very laid-back character, Rodney drifted into his talk for the Friends 4 Upton Library whilst putting just a small sample of his massive output of books onto the table before him. As a youth he walked the Dorset hills and felt compelled to write about where he’d been and what he saw. Unable to find an outlet for his passion in the then local press, he founded the ‘Dorset’ magazine which we still see today in our local newsagents.
But his readership needed something better than the cuttings from those magazines, so he turned to books, and at present his output measures 6ft 3 inches as they sit proudly across his mantelpiece! A very interesting talk from one of Dorset’s most knowledgeable and striking characters.

He passed away recently, and his orbituary is here. One of the great men of Dorset.