Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marianne Faithful: With Mrs. B still unwell from a cold/flu bug, she went to bed early. So the Soaps were one viewer short, and the satelite dish gasped when it trained in on Sky Arts during a non-soap addict's surf.
A great programme about the social/political/pop culture of the 1960's hippie era was interesting. Being there at the time, it was odd, 45 years later, to look at things from that perspective.
A Melvyn Bragg documentary about Marianne Faithfull followed, and was even better, and she sung a few songs, too, one of which, The Eyes Of Lucy Jordan, reminded me the 45 was here mouldering away in the vinyl collection.
Following that, another pop culture doc, titled 'Technicolour Dream' (which is out on DVD, I think), again, mostly filmed in the Swinging Sixties, and focussed on the downfall of Pink Floyd's Sid Barrett, with comment from various interviewees.
Yes, it was the era of trying out new drugs, and LSD was one of them. As the then main creative thrust behind Pink Floyd, (songwriter/guitar/vocals), Sid took to much as a probable means of assisting his creativity, now that it, and his songs, were in the public eye; and it was too much for his metabolism to take.
His work on early Floyd albums cast the dye for the future, and who else, before or since, has written a song about a bloke stealing women's knickers from washing lines?