Monday, October 26, 2009

We Made it!: Congratulations to all the people born in the 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's. As generations we have survived being born to Mother's who smoked, and / or imbibed alcohol when they were carrying us. They also didn't worry about what they ate, they took aspirin when they had a headache, and they were not tested for diabetes.
After the event, our cots were painted with lead-based paint, and there were no child-proof medicine bottle caps or doors to cupboards; if we tried it we got a smack.
Further on in life, we didn't wear cycle helmets, and both male and female could hitch-hike and get where we wanted to go, driven by a friendly lorry driver who chatted like a brother. In cars there were no seat belts or air bags, and riding in the back of a friend's van was a great deal of fun.
We shared drinks with friends and none of us died or were ill from any diseases, likewise; we drank from the garden hose rather than a bottle of 'mineral water,' and it didn't taste that much different. We ate cakes not worrying about any peanut-related additives, and white bread likewise, and we spread real butter on it, and for all we knew, cholesterol might have been a foreign country we missed in our geography classes.
We drank bottles of pop which had sugar in them, and perhaps even some 'E's,' but we didn't know what they were, and if they made us 'hyper-active' we were regarded as a pain in the neck, received a few slaps to the back of the legs and were sent to bed.
We played outside all day, had camp fires in the back garden, and were called in at tea time needing a good wash down, or of we were lucky, a bath.
We didn't have a mobile phone, so if we went out of the range of our parents' eye-sight, they simply trusted us and knew we would return home when we were hungry.
When we cut ourselves, no one ever thought of stitching the wound, a plaster cured everything, and if we broke bones we just had them repaired, no one ever sued.
We built go-carts, and hit our thumb with the hammer doing so, and then crashed it and re-built it again. We played with toy swords and sticks cut from the hedgerows, yet despite being told we'd poke our eyes out, no one did; and we ate worms and lived to tell the tale.
Our generations produced people who took risks, people who solved problems and people who became inventors because we were allowed to do things for ourselves. We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility and learned how to cope with them in equal measure.
Yes, we made it, simply by being allowed to grow up like normal children.

The above was on the Internet circuit, and it has a lot of good points.