Thursday, February 28, 2008

Motorblog Sheep In Wolves' Clothing Part 21: Tim Way is mixing the tracks at Studio 42 for the Master from which the CD will be pressed, this, for the uninitiated, means the volume of each of the tracks is levelled so we don't get one loud, two quiet, and so on.
Steve Shepherd, who bravely took it upon himself to illustrate the cranky title above in the form of air-brushed artwork, needs a little more time to 'do his thang;' but this will not effect our projected release date which coincides with the April fanzine.
The CD will be available by cheque and Postal Order in the UK, and by Euro and US Dollar bills for Europe and the Rest of the World, or by International Money Order drawn on a UK Bank, as usual.
It will also be available via PayPal, which I feel sure will please everyone as this has now become the preferred method as it is so safe and secure. Our good-buddy, Sarmad Sheikh, who originated and officiates with this site, will be making the necessary connections to enable this to happen at the appropriate time.
The PayPal price, as is the Fan Club subscription, will be slightly more to allow for PayPal's charges, but as most of you agree, it's so much easier, and by the time you've written a cheque and envelope, bought a stamp and posted it; those extra few pence have been swallowed up anyway. Also, it's a darned site faster!

Meanwhile, Magnum were on the ECT TV programme with Motorhead back in 1985, and 'On A Storyteller's Night' is one of my favourite album's of theirs, so here is a clip of the fabulous title track - They played the local Poole Arts Centre several times in the past, and were always a joy to go and see. Their guitarist / songwriter, Tony Clarkin, was a particular favourite, and I probably annoyed him by standing at the front watching him play his Gibson SG throughout the show.