Thursday, October 03, 2013

38 Years Of Dead Lawns.

First post of the month, and not a lot to report other than we have 18 days to wait for the Classic Rock release of the Aftershock album. Tick-Tick-Tock.
Hope you have downloaded the Heartbreaker single to get it in the charts. We had a long standing debate in the fanzine about the value of the CD single, but modern tech, costings, and the ease of our now somewhat laid-back lifestyle means that we can listen without even going out the front door. I feel sure that we will be rewarded with superb packaging and a cracking album when the time arrives. Sometimes patience and biting the bullet is worthwhile, and in 18 days time we will be excited and thrilled with the new album, just as always - they never let us down, do they. And lawns will be dying all over again!