Friday, April 19, 2013

You Better You Bet

Never been a betting man as money has always been so difficult to earn yet it can so easily slip away. But like everyone except Lemmy and I, son, Steve, is a huge football fan. And like so many of them, he knows the inside out of the clubs and teams, and often, whilst talking to friends about the game, foretold the match results on a fairly accurate basis.
He asked if Dad would like to join him for "a little flutter?" so we signed up for on-line betting, put £10 in the pot, and away we went. No, not every one of his forecasts won, after all, we are only human. But we got up to about £45 with our winnings, and made use of the £5 Free Bet offered each week.
Every Thursday, Steve encouraged me to use the £5 on the Sky Darts matches. A darts fan since my teens, I didn't do too well, until a couple of weeks ago when I clicked Adrian Lewis to win his match 7-4 by mistake.
"Well, it's only a Free fiver," I reasoned, glibly, and allowed the bet to go through.
The result was 7-4 to Adrian, and it won £9. Not bad! Thank you.
Yesterday, SkyBet had an accumulator offer of a 10/1 bet on Phil Taylor, Simon Whitlock, Michael van Gerwen, and James Wade winning their games. After watching the matches for the past 9 weeks, (as Steve and other football fans read about and see match results), I began seeing the player's 'Form' and thought this bet looked all right.
So, I put my 'free' fiver on it, and sat in the armchair with beer in hand, (of course), to watch and be increasingly thrilled as each player won their game, and by doing so, won me the £50.
Knockout! Thank you very much.
Like Steve says, I always enjoyed watching the darts, but with a bet on the outcome of some of the games, it is so much more exciting.
I agree with that.