Monday, April 08, 2013

At The Post Office.

The batch of fanzines for European MHB's are now on their way. Wife, Jane, and I have just delivered them to Upton Post Office, where Karen and Aimee will be printing and sticking on the elusive 20 pence stamps and putting them into the postal system.
The story is that the Post Office as a whole are out of stock of 20 pence stamps, so your envelopes will have 2 x £1 stamps, 1 x 50p stamp, and 1 x large, gold, printed 20p stamp.
Again, apologies for the delay which has been beyond my control, and thanks to Karen and Aimee for doing part of my job, to get them to you. I am sure that it is a fault which the Post Office will not wish to be repeated.