Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awful Bugs: The lack of rain cleaning the bugs from the air has caused problems. This sinus / dry cough / weepy eyes contagion is awful, and seems to be taking its time about moving on.
Meanwhile, I suffer in silence, and continue to get the 93rd fanzine ready for despatch early next week.
We are hoping that this mad petrol situation here in the UK will stop today after massive news coverage asking motorists not to panic buy. The government cocked up by casting a mere hint of a tanker driver's strike and everyone went crazy. Queues all day long outside the gate here for 2 days to fill their tanks, jerrycans and plastic containers at the petrol station half a mile down the road, (it was filmed and shown on our 'Meridian Tonight' news programme), was proof that despite the austerity measures being suffered at PM Cameron's hands, there is still enough money around during the skint week leading up to pay day to buy fuel.